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Senior Digital PR Executive at Rise at Seven

Digital Marketer | PR | SEO

Alex Hickson is currently a Senior Digital PR Executive with Rise At Seven. Alex has already worked with a multitude of B2C and B2B clients delivering high standard campaigns and PR strategies, been nominated for an EU Search Award, delivered industry talks and academic lectures, and started an online series supporting furloughed digital marketing professionals through COVID-19.

Alex Hickson
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Digital PR Executive

How to cut through the bullshit when starting out as a digital marketer

With just over a year of experience in the industry, it’s been filled with well-intended advice.  Some great and some… not so great. This session will inform you on how to be able to cut through the bullshit, learn the best from others whilst not having to live up to this performative ideal of creativity that exists within the industry. We hear a lot about promoting personal brand, but in an age where everybody is an ‘influencer’, how can you promote yourself authentically – to clients and peers? 

For anybody starting out, this session will give you actionable ways of how to take those important next steps in your digital marketing career, and reaffirm your confidence in your own creativity. I’ll run through recent career highlights and failures, and what each taught me along the way.

A sufferer of imposter syndrome, this session should hopefully shed some light on how to overcome these feelings of self-doubt, and equip you with the confidence and skills to recognise your successes, and build upon them to keep delivering fantastic results.

What can the TAD community do for you, Alex?

Alex gave his time up for free to help educate you. In return, he needs your help!

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