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Marketing Manager at Fountain Partnership Ltd

Conflicting | Turbulent | Educational

David's innovation into digital strategies has led him to give keynote speeches at Google HQ on AI and at SocialAtHome on forecasting performance, in addition to having articles in global publications, such as The Drum, and a host of UK marketing-focused magazines. His accounts have included Google Premier Partner Award and PMA nominated national train companies to globally recognised research firms. Working at the forefront of digital marketing, he creates and implements new campaigns for Fountain's clients and for Fountain itself, with a focus on performance marketing.

His true passion lies in starting meaningful conversations about ethics within marketing and communications.

David Cooper
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David Cooper - Marketing Manager

Morals of Marketing

Three key takeaways:

  1. What morality in marketing actually means, both in your own actions and in the campaigns.

  2. How everyone can start implementing this more in their own work.

  3. What the most common hurdles are to injecting more morality into your marketing, and best ways to overcome them.

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