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Who are digitaloft?

Digitaloft is an award-winning team of specialist SEOs, PRs & creative content marketers, who work hard to increase their clients’ traffic and revenue through organic search, supercharging success by earning better links, and launching better content to build topical authority.

Digitaloft was founded in The Lake District by James Brockbank in 2014 and, today the team serves a fantastic portfolio of clients both from their Northern HQ and a PR-hub in Farringdon, London.

Award Winning Digital PR Agency

Why digitaloft sponsor TAD

Digitaloft has sponsored TAD because we’re passionate about supporting the digital marketing community, and want to support the amazing events and resources created by TAD so that as many people can gain value from them as possible.

As an agency, we also place a huge value on transparency - one of our four key values is honesty - and so we want to help encourage people in digital marketing to be having honest conversations about what we’re doing right in the industry - as well as what we can be doing to better support each other and improve.

How can Digitaloft help the TAD community?

Digitaloft offers a range of services from SEO and content right through to digital PR and link building.

We also run our own event, the Digital PR Summit, which is an online event that brings together some of the brightest minds in digital PR to share actionable tips, tricks and insights, to help you to launch successful campaigns that build links and get people talking about your brand.

Our top 3 digital PR tips

1. Launch campaigns with lots of stories and angles to pitch to the press

To maximise your opportunity for success, it’s important that you try and launch campaigns that include more than one story or headline.

Even the best stories aren’t for everyone and not every journalist will get onboard with the main headline.

But when you’re able to work in multiple different angles into a campaign - for example, a beauty campaign with social influencer or brand finance angles, you’ve suddenly got an opportunity to take these to different journalists and publications, thereby increasing the likelihood of building a range of different links at scale.

2. Always validate your campaign ideas

One of the most important things when coming up with an idea for a campaign is to validate the concepts which you come up with. Essentially, running each one through a checklist to make sure it stands up and that you’re not going to struggle to earn coverage and links when it comes to pitching to the press.

We run all of our ideas through a simple, but effective, validation process that asks:

● What are the main stories that this idea would tell and what do potential headlines look like?
● Has this been done before? If so, how recently and did it perform well?
● Where can we get the data from?
● Which publishers do we think would cover this?
● How does this align with the client’s brand?

Take the time to get this process right, and you’ll save time at the outreach stage.

3. Consume the news constantly and use the news to inform your campaigns, pitching and reactive PR strategies

If you’re not checking the news right before you launch a campaign, you run the risk of missing out on coverage due to a breaking news story.

If a breaking news story lands just before you send out your pitch, there’s a chance that yours could miss out on the attention that it deserves or could otherwise have had.

Examples of breaking news stories that can shake up the media include things like:

● The birth of a Royal baby.
● A celebrity death, engagement, arrest, accident or similar.
● A natural disaster or terrorist attack.
● Unexpected sporting announcements.
● Political announcements and stories around Brexit, budgets and more.

Keeping an eye on the news cycle, and which types of stories and topics get featured and covered the most within the press, will also help inform your ideation when it comes to thinking of both new campaigns and reactive PR content, allowing you to come up with ideas that will be covered by journalists and publications wide and far.

Digital PR Agency
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