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Conference Speaker | Digital PR | Comms

Hana specialises in Digital PR. She loves it so much she started her own Digital PR agency, Bednar Comms. Hana focuses on using several Digital PR tactics to build high-quality links! She loves creating big content pieces, but also quick wins or reactive campaigns.

Hana works with both B2B and B2C clients from several industries. Digital PR is her passion and she loves experimenting with content to find the next trend in link building.

Hana Bednarova
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Digital PR Specialist

Digital PR tactics; it's not all about huge content pieces

We all see amazing huge content pieces out there that earn hundreds and hundreds of links but there are also those that we don't see, because they didn't deliver the expected results. We should not rely on one tactic and should not only run these big pieces. Digital PR has so many awesome tactics that help to earn high-quality links. This talk is all about these smaller and quicker approaches that help you gain great links. These can be done alongside your big campaign to ensure you are not putting all your eggs in one basket. Or, you can use these tactics instead of a big content piece if your budget is tight. 

Hana will share all these tactics and show examples of what can be achieved.

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