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Hannah Butcher is a digital PR mentor and freelancer based in the UK. She has a degree in journalism, and over 10 years working in content production and outreach. Hannah is a creative  thinker which is often seen in the output of her campaigns, and enjoys making boring stories more interesting. She also writes about mental health at mentalhealthandme.co.uk. She is starting a masters degree in mental health nursing in September.

Hannah Butcher
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Mental Health Speaker

Why we need to talk about mental health in the digital marketing industry

After having a breakdown in her mental health in late 2019, Hannah knew that she wanted to share her experience far and wide, to help her peers before they reached rock bottom too. Hannah will share the reasons why the industry almost broke her, and how she took back control and overcame some of her lowest thoughts. This talk was inspired from being in the grips of depression, and the strength to not let it control the rest of her life. If you're feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed with your work, this is a session that you won't want to miss. ***Please note that there will be sensitive discussion and this session has the following content and trigger warnings: suicide, depression, terminal illness***