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Founder of MarketingSyrup

Speaker | eCommerce | Technical SEO Consultant

Kristina is an eCommerce & Technical SEO consultant who helps businesses get traffic and sales they deserve. She’s the founder of MarketingSyrup, a digital marketing consultancy based in Toronto, Canada. 

Having 10+ hand-on experience in digital marketing and SEO, Kristina created the SEO Challenge Course for people who want to learn how to do what she’s doing. When Kristina is not optimizing websites, she’s enjoying time with her husky or dancing hip-hop.

Kristina started an eCommerce SEO newsletter - SEO Shop Up - which got 500+ subscribers in just 1 month. Among the subscribers are people from Google, Disney, Avon, Homedepot as well as store owners, SEO professionals and marketers from many leading digital agencies from all over the world. Join SEO Shop Up here.

Kristina Azarenko
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Technical SEO Consultant

How to do an eCommerce migration the right way

A migration can make or break a website. In this session, you’ll learn the exact steps to take when you’re migrating from one CMS to another.

What can the TAD community do for you, Kristina?

Kristina gave her time up for free to help educate you. In return, he needs your help!

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