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SEO Consultant at Sites Without Walls

Speaker | Writer | Marketer

Kristine Schachinger started her career in 1998 as a front-end developer and website designer. She has two decades of website design, development and implementation experience and has helped design/code/implement sites for everyone from SMBs to Reba McEntire, AOL,, and As part of that experience, Kristine also has 17 years in accessibility and 15 years experience in website visibility and SEO.

Kristine’s current SEO work includes, but is not limited to News Publishers, monthly SEO support, Site Health Audits, SEO Algorithm/Penalty Audits (and recovery plans), Online Reputation Management, Conversion Optimization, Site Usability (including testing) and Technical SEO. Kristine is the CEO and Founder of Sites Without Walls, a full-serviceConcierge SEO Digital Marketing Consulting Agency.

Kristine Schachinger
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In addition, Kristine is a speaker at industry conferences around the world and is also currently a Subject Matter Expert with columns in Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, SEMPost, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, and State of Digital.

SEO Consultant

How AI/Machine Learning and NLP have changed search

This presentation looks at how Google started, its historical approach to language, and how it is working towards NLP along with new methods of machine learning that are supporting the "strings to things" interpretation of text and voice and how Rank Brain plays into all of this.

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