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Marketing Consultant and Strategist

Speaker | Strategist | Marketer

Kushlani counts over 15 years of experience in marketing and customer-facing roles. In her last role at WSO2, she led the marketing execution efforts for WSO2's corporate marketing team. Here she provided guidance into areas such as content marketing, social media, and email promotions. Previously she was the product marketing manager for WSO2 Open Banking. She is an avid fitness enthusiast and a lover of non-fiction crime, animals, and afternoon naps.

Kushlani De Silva
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Marketing Consultant

Why digital marketing must resonate with emotions

Whenever we sit at our laptops to create copy for a piece of content, a social post, or an email, we tend to see the audience as a person with a very specific problem. Due to this thought process, we speak directly to the problem they are trying to solve but don’t take into consideration the emotions that may set off as a result of the problem. As a result our copy often comes off as cold, unattached, and merely technical. 

Regardless of your industry, there is a human being at the receiving end of your message. This session takes a look at:

  • Ways to understanding the psyche of your target audience

  • Guidelines on mapping out the emotional attributes of your message

  • How to deliver a marketing message from one human to another

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