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Marketing Consultant at Hussel Marketing

Director | Speaker | Entrepreneur

Lewis Ellis is a digital marketing director born and bred in the heart of Manchester. You may recognise him from the most recent series of BBC's "The Apprentice" where he made it to the Final Five before falling at the final hurdle whilst striving to win Lord Sugars investment.

Since the show finished Lewis has returned to marketing and is in the process of re-branding his freelance marketing agency, Hussel Marketing.

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Alongside the marketing agency, Lewis has also co-founded Hiddn Travel with a friend that also used to work overseas prior to university. This brand-new and stylish travel company targets the ever-evolving and complicated millennial/Gen-Z market now demanding more from their vacations.

I spent two months making TikTok’s; Learnings of a typical tattooed millennial marketer

TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Their mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy.

What helps TikTok stand out among the competition is that it’s more of an entertainment platform, instead of a lifestyle platform. And what makes it so attractive is that practically anyone can become a content provider because of the simplicity of using the app. That’s why it appeals to so many content creators around the world.

I spent two months making TikTok's and having a little fun in a bid to learn more about how the platform operates and figure out just what the hell the attraction is. Ahead of a marketing conference I dug into the data and decided to do a mini-investigation for myself.

If you haven’t been paying attention to TikTok … You haven’t been paying attention.

Takeaways / point of talk

  • Gain Insight into the platform

  • See if it aligns with your brand

  • Understand who is using it

  • Hear a marketers perspective

  • Get a vibe for how it is evolving

  • Potentially laugh at my tragic attempts

  • Maybe be inspired to explore yourself

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