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Straight-Talking SEO Trainer

Speaker | Mentor | Author

Hi, I’m Mark Preston – Straight-Talking SEO Trainer, Speaker & Mentor, plus the author of ‘The Business Side of SEO’.

I’ve been working within the digital marketing industry since 2001, helping businesses of all sizes to achieve their online business goals through the various agencies I foundered and built.

In April 2016, I decided to pack the agency life in to launch my own personal brand - Mark Preston SEO. Fast forward to today, I have trained hundreds of people to achieve their business goals via the power of SEO, spoken to thousands of people around the world at corporate and digital marketing conferences, personally mentored a bunch of people and have written a book which became best seller in three marketing related categories within both the UK and the USA within 24 hours of launch.

Why I wanted to launch Talk About Digital

As a professional SEO speaker, myself, I find it incredibly frustrating to be censored at many of the events and conferences I speak at. It may be the fact that I am unable to mention a certain SEO tool because their competitor sponsors the conference or there are certain things I can’t mention and certain points I get told I must mention.

Why TAD is different!

None of the speakers at our TAD events are censored at all. They have total control as to the content of their talk. The only stipulation is, no selling pitches and they must provide value to our audience. I feel that it is important that we discuss the Truth About Digital.

Talk About Digital is a digital marketing event for the digital people by the digital people hosted monthly. You let us know who you want to see and what you want to learn, and we will make it happen.


Join us at our next live online event and empower your digital marketing knowledge.

Our next live stream starts at

7.00 PM 9th of July 2020

A monthly digital marketing online event where you will learn the Truth About Digital and leave with actionable tips to implement.

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