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What is your biggest challenge as an agency side SEO?

Every SEO faces the same challenge - developer relationship. That is the bane of my life.

Because of how technical SEO has gotten, it can't be seen as a different. SEO is a totally different channel to the development team. There needs to be some simplicity on both sides.

Whilst the SEO team want their work to be implemented, they need to understand that they're just a small part of the cog and the developer has to ensure that the site is running. If the site isn't running, and people are buying, it doesn't matter if you run in position one.

There needs to be that sympathy. And I think as the more technical the SEO industry gets, the more dangerous it gets. Put it that way.

There's a quote from Martin Spitzer...

"You just you have enough technical knowledge to be dangerous with it."

We have best practice knowledge and things that we've tested in our personal websites, we can't see your production code is so different from deployed code. You don't know how that question come up will affect the whole site.

Not having that knowledge can make us really impatient. However, if we don't sit in such silos, if we sit closer to development team, then we understand the full scope of what they have to do. That way, that relationship can improve, because we can have more sympathy for what they do, and they can be more collaborative.

If we just talk to each other better, each person not trying to shove their knowledge above the other person.

Another thing I've seen, and this is not due to take down on any developers, I've seen with especially medium companies that have a bespoke CMS is, and have been tied into terrible contracts with developers. For years, that client didn't know. They just believed anything they were told.

Then we come along and we have some knowledge. We have some visibility. So it's either when there's already a bad relationship with the client and we step in because we're agency side and I don't know if it's the same for in-house because we don't have the entire view getting patient and I think we just have to develop is our primary lead and want to build something to work.

Once it works, they feel like the job is done, and we're like well, it doesn't work well. However, if we're brought in and this is for marketing managers (CMOs), at the start of the development process, we can avoid all of these things because we can specify how things should work well so it can be built well once and for all.

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