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Will AI ever replace the digital marketer?

I think it will.

Going back to that slide, what I said was that AI will get rid of functional people not vital people.

Some marketing whether it be your data collecting marketing or your analytical marketing the reality is a lot of AI will be able to do that for you.

What AI will struggle with and is what we are still a long way from is being able to make sense to that organisation and that's what I mean by vital. Being able to execute in a way knowing when to put it out.

The reality is...

AI is part of tech but a lot of people in tech ignore behaviour. That is why there is so much tech out there.

Like Google glasses. Amazing tech with fantastic AI but the reality is, they forgot something very simple - You look like an idiot wearing it. They forgot the human behaviour.

It's just like those caps people used to wear and had an umbrella stuck to it. Great invention but you look like an idiot wearing it.

It's things like that where technology forgets and this is where being vital is key for any marketer.

I think that automation - If it was pre-Covid, I would say that automation is still at least three to five years away for it to really have the massive impact that we think it will have.

However, now I think it has kind of pushed that forward. Essentially what has happened is we are going to start again so we might as well start here than get there eventually, so now I think that might be pushed slightly forward.

Not like it is going to start tomorrow but I do think 2022 is going to be an interesting year. That's when I think it will be.

When it comes to AI being so sophisticated, because there is four stages of AI and machine learning...

  1. The first stage is very much the predictive text stage.

  2. Where a robot can beat a person in chess and obviously we are at that stage now. This is when AI can start to do things.

  3. When AI starts to understand languages that humans don't get. I've heard that Facebook has actually found that.

  4. When you start getting to the age of ultron marvel where it has taken over the world. That stage we are still a long way away.

A lot of people in tech predict things that will happen way sooner than it actually does.

Augmented reality - I'm sure you have heard of virtual reality over a decade ago and the reality is, it's still not mainstream.

I still think we are a long way away from a lot of the things that people think. I don't think we are going to be at that stage for a long time.

When I say, a long time, you are looking at a decade away at least for some of it.

Some of the things that they create, yes it is available but it only makes sense if the general public uses it and that is the key thing.

I've seen some amazing tech but I think people are not going to use it.

That is what it comes down to and that is what I have seen.

It is easy to share great videos but like I said, a lot of people was like, no.

Will Ai ever replace the digital marketer?

Answered by: Andrew Davis


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