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How long do SEO marketers have before their jobs are taken over by AI?

I have woken up about a lot of dred about that for about a year between 2018 to 2019.

Then I realised that someone said to me, as long as they are not publishing the algorithm, that's not going to happen.

My bigger concern is more that they are just so aggressive on ads that they just keep pushing down the organic results but I don't think that SEO would ever go away because even...

if SEO went away tomorrow, everything you know about creating a good website wouldn't change.

You could be an advisor for people on how to create traffic and convert and find.

It would not be called SEO anymore, it would be called something else, but all the skills I have developed, means I could walk into a dev group tomorrow and have done this - doing an analysis of their site and content and made them millions and millions of dollars because they was not doing what was needed.

Devs have a tendency, love them and I've worked in many dev groups but they are usually over taxed and under resourced so if it's easy, that's what they will do and often for the search engine that's not a good thing even if SEO wasn't a part of it.

AI taking over digital marketing jobs


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