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Does the author side of Amazon work the same as the product side as a seller?

Yes, it does.

One of the things that people tend to forget about Amazon is that it started off as a bookstore and it's just gradually evolved from being in someone's garage to where we are today.

For being an author, if you've got the barcode on the back, Amazon make it very, very simple in the fact that you can just scan the barcode and they'll have pretty much a lot of free stock up there. If not, then you just have to get it approved by them.

But you'll appreciate there's some awful books out there at the moment. I'm sure if they can get on you'll be absolutely fine.

But yeah, it works exactly the same, in sense of you as an author.

The title is big!

Starting off with Instead of the actual title of the book, one of the things I'd suggest starting off with is what the books about and what you need from it because that's what people will be searching.

If you've got access to Ahrefs just check through the keywords that you that you want to target. Ahrefs also gives you some options as to what Amazon things will be best for you as well.

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Answered by: Dan Saunders


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