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What type of offers work best on Amazon?

For me coming into Prime Day and Black Friday which are obviously Amazon's biggest times a year will be quite interesting this year to see how it all works out.

Buy one get one free is a big push. The only problem with that is that if you lower your prices, Amazon will then suggest...

Hang on, you've advertised this product at this price before! Are you giving your users the best price so it makes life a little bit more difficult in terms of a ranking factor because it sees in its opinion, you've pulled the price down to pull it back up.

So Amazon gives with one hand and takes away with the other, so buy one get one free is the best one in terms of conversion rate from my side of things.

You've also got the offers of 10% off and 20% off. If you use this method of payment, if you have all these other options as well that keep it in Amazon's loop or if you put money in towards it as well.

There's also the other ones, you get money off. Buying another product is a sister product as well as always been really useful and Amazon tends to favour and it'll give you as probably as the first option these days.

Buy this product and get money off this product because then again, Amazon's getting more money off the back of it as well.

Amazon Offers

Answered by: Dan Saunders


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