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Does Amazon PPC help your organic product listings rank higher?

Paid ads get clicked on more than they would on what I tend to find. Paid ads on Amazon get clicked on a lot more.

So the figure that I gave you for that most people won't click past the first few links on Amazon, which tend to be paid. So, if as long as you're working that paid sphere, then you're going to see the benefit from that as well.

It's a case of, as long as you're focusing on your page and your organic search, that feeds into each other and impacts in boosting your ranking factor.

If you just focus on your page, and you don't focus on your organic, people then tend to bounce away from your products then Amazon sees this as a negative ranking factor.

Same in the sense that if you're organic is good, but your paid ads are poor. People won't click on them. Again, Amazon sees that as a negative ranking factor and this stares people away from them as well.

As long as you're getting sales, Amazon doesn't care.

I think the best example is this is that user experience during COVID dropped massively because people were being targeted by things that they never normally would buy.

I was personally targeted with all sorts of things, like toilet paper, cold and flu stuff, all things I've never bought from Amazon.

One of the things I've always loved about Amazon is that, if a new book comes out in the series that I'm reading, it'll tell me. If a DVD comes up that I might like. Amazon knows that I've been looking for a shed for a little while, which I imagine quite a few people are, Amazon will then notify me when one comes back in stock.

It's very, very user orientated because it wants people to buy and it wants people to sell.

Amazon makes sure that it does their absolute best for the user experience even with the site being completely flooded by people coming on searching for all sorts of different products.

It completely threw the algorithm massively out of proportion which led to a really poor user experience but I think Amazon's just about recovered.

I think the algorithms sort of updated itself to take COVID as a blip, not as the rule of thumb.

Amazon PPC

Answered by: Dan Saunders


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