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Can I only leave you a review if I have purchased one of your products?

Legitimately it should be yes.

There are different ways to hack around it but that's for people that have the time and energy to to deal with the hype, but it only is a temporary thing.

Yes, the honest answer is, but there is ways around it.

The legitimate answer in terms of the long run is yes. It should be just people that bought from you.

You will get people that have had it before where someone bought a lot of our product and then returned it. And they bought it all in sort of singles. So it looks like there was more sales. And then they gave us negative reviews on the different different schemes, but Amazon picked it up as it was coming from the same account. They even came up with the fact that they try to use different email addresses, but it was all linked to one major email address which was another vendor.

So the very, very clever In that sense as well picking it up as I say there are ways around it. But it you know, the the hand on heart long term answer is that it's not worth trying to learn those ways because as soon as you've learned one way, Amazon's fixed the gap in it.

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