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If you drop below a 3.5 star review score, are you dead in the water on Amazon?

Not dead in the water, it just becomes very difficult and you get knocked down.

Unless you're in the top 10 you're very rarely gonna get any traffic. Amazon don't deal with page two and page three.

The only time you'll there's a minimal percentage. So as part of most of my clients, I don't tell them when we're ranking for page two because I tell them the rankings of page two they want me to say well, how did you get to page one it's like or another story completely.

But yeah, the big function for us is to make sure that that those reviews stay high and that make sure making sure that what what active on it as well. If there's any issues with it. reviews is they're very helpful in terms of in terms of picking up on what's going wrong. And it'll tell you, over a certain percentage of your, of your products have come back with a negative review. You need to deal with this. Otherwise we'll take action.

So they're very, very upfront with what they're doing. And then as long as you're dealing with it, even to the point that they'll threaten to deactivate your account. If someone if you email your, the person you're purchasing from, whether it's Amazon or a third party seller, if you email them and they don't deal with you in a certain amount of time, they get a red flag. If they get a certain amount of red flags, they get wiped off completely.

So, there's a lot of incentive to be very, very customer focused.

Amazon Review Score

Answered by: Dan Saunders


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