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If I have a physical shop but also want to sell on Amazon, what advantages do I have?

What you'll have there as an advantage, if you've got your own store, is that you will have the face to face interaction.

You know what your buyers are wanting and what questions they're asking.

If you can target your product around answering those questions, then that's one step ahead, right there to start off with.

But what you've really got to think about when you launch any products is...

What makes me different from everybody else?

And I mean, I know it's the same. You know, when we're selling SEO, when we're selling Amazon optimisation, when we're selling anything, we've got to think about our unique selling points. Why should the customer buy this product for me? Once you've honed in on that, you'll be golden.

So if you can put into the fact that you sell this product face to face, Amazon will realise that you're more customer facing by having people coming in. You know the people coming in and buying your products leaving the reviews.

Once Amazon realise that you are on point, then you're going to get the ranking factors for that sense as well.

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Answered by: Dan Saunders


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