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What would you do if a brand wrongly thinks they know best about SEO?

How do they think they know best?

More often than not, you can prove it with those three main components, three metrics that matter, because generally most company's business model is based on either...

  1. Beating the competition, some differentiation, traditional marketing, and putting that messaging on their website.

  2. Same thing looking at traffic, are they getting traffic generating revenue through ads or just generating eyeballs that make sense?

  3. Are they getting the conversions?

Does that makes sense?

So if they come to you and say, we don't need SEO, ask them, Why?

We want to chat anyway.

  • So what do you want to check?

  • Are you getting enough eyeballs, enough traffic?

  • Are you not conversions?

  • Is your brand showing up?

Generally they'll come back to you and say, well, we have this problem and that's where SEO can help because we are problem solvers.

The idea is to bring the right tools that to the fight, not bring the knife to a gunfight.

Where educate SEO's can find solutions to the problems that can't be solved some big companies, they might not think so as important, but if you look at the pressures from either shareholders or internal stakeholders, generally those problems can be solved through...

  • Better organic search results

  • Better visibility

  • Better traffic

  • Better conversions

So I've never actually gone to a big company and asked, do you need SEO? I've always had countless companies who have a problem.

Could it be so good that SEO's can find the solutions?

Brand SEO

Answered by: Grant Simmons


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