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Are people feeling digital marketing overload with the amount of ads they are subjected to?

It is everyone's personal preference but I would say people are overloaded but eventually we will become better at filtering stuff now.

We see stuff so much that they are good at filtering it out without having to use ad blockers.

We just know something that is an ad or something that is not an ad.

That naturally happens and will happen more and more.

Regardless, if you put something that has got somebody's attention, that always going to stop people.

There is a film called Jlo Unchained and there is a great line by Leonardo DiCaprio and he said...

"Gentlemen, you have my curiosity, now you have my attention"

That is essentially what we want to do.

Whether people are overloaded with marketing, if you have created something and targeted it to the right people and the creative is really good, you are going to get my attention regardless, so that is what I would say when it comes to that.

Yes, people are overloaded but that doesn't mean they are going to stop consuming content.

Digital marketing overload

Answered by: Andrew Davis


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