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What does a digital PR newbie need to do to get a job in the industry?

I think if they can try an intern, try and get experience in any kind of PR agency, I suggest the bigger the agency, the more you'll probably learn quicker.

There's a variety of different teams, usually a variety of different clients in different industries that you can pick up quickly.

Aside from that, what I'd say is, if you're trying to go into it without or with very little experience, it's demonstrate your initiative.

I think a lot of PR is very fast paced, and it's very reactive. The amount of times you can think of a campaign, you can be spending weeks on it, and something will happen in the news, where it's just totally invalidates everything you've been working on.

So, you've got to...

  1. Quickly think of a way to sort of save it and pivot it in a different way.

  2. If you can demonstrate your creativity.

  3. Take initiative and that sort of adaptability.

I'd say there's sort of three key skills that you're going to need in the industry. Aside is experience really,

digital PR newbie

Answered by: Alex Hickson


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