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What do you base the success of a digital PR campaign on?

I think it depends on the brief you've been given for a client really.

It's really easy to get caught up in, oh, we've got X amount of links, so that's amazing.

A lot of the time, your target is to get a certain number of links, but for me, I feel really proud of our campaigns been really successful.

If I've gotten a publication that a client is really happy with, like, a couple of weeks ago, my client said to me...

"If we could get this in LADbible, I'd be so happy."

And I did. So, for me, that was the success. I also think when a campaign actually creates a talking point.

The other day, I was on FaceTime to my Mum, and she started talking about this chocolate orange hotel that she'd seen. I was like, "do you do realise that that's a campaign that we've done at Rise At Seven".

It's knowing that your campaigns are not just delivering SEO benefit, but they're becoming talking points. People are talking about it worldwide. It's triggered a conversation, especially if it's maybe more of a serious topic or a serious campaign.

You can actually be having a difference and sort of influencing by the National psyche, if you will.

digital PR success

Answered by: Alex Hickson


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