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What are your digital PR tips for businesses who have an intangible offering?

I think when it comes to digital PR, a lot of the campaign's we do don't always have to be product focused, as long as there is a degree of relevance in what you're doing.

So, for example...

If I was going to do a campaign for a company that offered computer software or cybersecurity software, it doesn't mean that every campaign I did had to be rigidly about the cybersecurity products or services that they offered.

All it means is that it gives me sort of a wider net of topics to go with.


  • It could be about tech.

  • It could be about privacy.

  • It could be about data.

  • It could be about business.

  • It could be about social media.

  • It could be about the other side of what things are, if that makes sense.

I think what needs to be considered is that whilst you can do a really successful PR campaign that is really relevant to what your client does, great, but you can still drive relevant links from a campaign that might seem slightly away from what their service offering actually is.

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Answered by: Alex Hickson


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