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Should we be posting our digital PR wins on social media?

Social media is like a bit of a double edged sword.

I think the positives of it is that you can connect with people that are doing similar things to you in different agencies or different companies.

By actually building those relationships, that's when you start to break a few of them barriers down and realise that campaigns that everyone's shouting about that did get hundreds of links.

For every one of them, there might be a campaign that's failed quietly in the background.

Taking stock of what's going on in your own agency in your own company and you'll be aware of campaigns that have absolutely flown, in campaigns that maybe haven't done so well.

You'll understand why people want to talk about wins on social media, because it is a really, really exciting time and you want to shout about your successes.

I think it's just understanding that everyone has been through it. Not everyone is perfect and the process of getting that campaign to that end point is often the hardest part.

If you can sort of roll with the punches, if you will, and take the failures with the great successes, I think you'll be a lot less self critical when it comes to delivering campaigns and great ones and also ones that didn't do as well.

Digital PR Wins on Social Media

Answered by: Alex Hickson


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