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Will eCommerce businesses need to be on Amazon to survive?

I mean, I'm obviously biased when it comes to this, but I'd say if you haven't already, you should and should be the next thing that you do.

In the States, it's even bigger. But in the UK, in 2019, we did a study and we found...

63% of people started their purchase journey on Amazon.

And then we also found that, If you're selling a product on your website, the likelihood is that someone's going to go onto your website, copy the keywords across into Amazon to try and find it cheaper.

It's means big players are taking over Google with the main search function for products and it's not gonna be long before Amazon starts bringing more and more products into it.

Amazon has gone into groceries, which again this time a few years ago, I said that would be mental, but it has it's taken in groceries and it's going to eventually it's going to be massively disruptive.

Amazon is also going into travel soon. And yeah, it's not gonna be late. I guarantee it won't be long before we start looking at the prospects of buying a house without even seeing it just because it's on Amazon.

Ecommerce businesses

Answered by: Dan Saunders


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