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How can you prevent any loss in SEO value during an eCommerce migration?

When doing any ecommerce migration, there are always risks. That's important to understand.

You can't guarantee that there won't be any losses. You can make sure that everything will be done properly, but you can't guarantee that there will be no losses whatsoever.

So, as I said, if this is just a simple ecommerce migration domain change or something like that, then a recent domain change that I helped client with, there was no loss at all.

So, 100% not satisfaction but 100% rate of not losing anything.

But with bigger changes, there can be some potential losses because Google needs to evaluate everything.

Just don't migrate your website during Black Friday or something like that. Do it in the really slow season.

Yeah, but if you have all the red tape in place, if you don't mess up with Robots.txt set to 'noindex' or something like that, you can mitigate these risks.

ecommerce migration SEO value

Answered by Kristina Azarenko


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