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What does somebody need to do in order to go viral, online?

Oh, I think this ties definitely back into understand what the emotion is behind what you're doing.

If you think about anything that's viral that pops up on your Facebook or your Twitter feed, and it's got thousands and thousands of shares and thousands and thousands of retweets, I think it all boils down to in its basic form...

It's triggered an emotional reaction, a quite an extreme one.

So if there's a really sad heart-warming video that's been shared a million times, people have an intense emotional reaction to it, and their first thought is, 'oh, I want all my friends to see this too', so they'll share it.

If something is really really funny, and it makes them laugh out loud, they share it. They want other people to have that same experience.

If something takes them back and makes them feel really nostalgic, they'll think, 'Oh, god, this reminds me of when I was a kid'. If I share this, all my friends are gonna feel the same because we had the same upbringing or we're from the same era.

I think if you want something to go viral, that's what's at the crux of it. I think it's them emotional pulls, because otherwise, it just boils back down to it might be vaguely interesting, but is it interesting enough for people to want to share that with their social circles.

going viral online

Answered by: Alex Hickson


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