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By Google answering certain questions directly, is that taking clicks away from us?

I kind of have an issue with that with the featured snippet thing because if people go with time and weather, well, nobody needs a website for time or weather because they put it in.

There was a time site called time and something that was holding the number one spot and had two million visits a month.

It was just time and weather but the site had other factoids and stuff but people were going to that site because I can see the time on my computer right now and I can see the time on my phone right now and I can always see the time.

If I was searching for time queries, I was searching for that site. Couldn't remember it as the name was really wonky and I was going to that site for a reason but Google assumed I didn't need to go to a time site if they put it right there.

But I don't need your time, I have time on my computer.

I can always see the time so...

Google actually interfered with a query where people were getting value out of the search result.

The search result that showed up number one.

Google answering questions


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