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How long will it be before Google RankBrain gets it right?

That is hard to tell. Like, with the sweets results it took geo-location changed it or took a year to a year in Vegas for Google to even understand sweets were candy.

When I did the original RankBrian which is of course back in 2015, it took over a year to decide that water rights were a thing in Mesquite as I checked it every month.

I was like, what is this thing as RankBrain didn't exist yet?

I was like, why am I getting all these weird things in my search results? I'm getting Mesquite chips and I'm getting Mesquite trees. Mesquite is a town in Nevada, you would think I would at least get Mesquite town stuff, right but I didn't and that is when I started following and looking for searches like that.

Every time I have seen it applied before they started upping it to be on almost all searches was only when Google didn't understand the relationship and didn't understand what you were looking for.

Over time when people click on things Google determines what that relationship is and the machine learning takes that data and it brings back a better result next time.

Over a couple of years Google does now know what Mesquite was but last year when I checked, it didn't know what water rights in Mesquite were.

Mesquite was important to the water rights in Vegas. If anyone doesn't know, the hover dam holds back all our water but Vegas only gets about 4% of it so there is a water rights issue and California wasn't practising drought restrictions and we have been and they have 70% of the water and we don't. Anyway, a little local knowledge. We even built a third pipe into the lake we own, so if it ever gets that low, we own the water.

That is why it was a bigger thing but at the time it was new and so Google didn't know what I was talking about when I was looking for water rights in Mesquite.

Google RankBrian


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