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Does Google use search history to determine what content I want?

It shouldn't. It does things like geo-location and it looks at previous searches you have done recently. If you were to look up Jaguar and Football, then Jaguar and Stadium, it would kind of know you was looking for football queries so you might get that kind of result.

Generally, Google are not looking at your specific search history user data to do that.

The thing is with Google, I'm just going to be really honest, I think search has become very irreverent while they are trying to do this.

I do searches all the time and I get nothing that is even related.

It's really good at micro-moment search which is data search, time, locations, movies, reviews and those kind of things because those are single points of data that they know and the entity is known.

When you get into more informational, like I do a lot of research on academic things, I get a lot of irrelevance and the irrelevance is RankBrain trying to figure out what people are really looking for with those kind of queries but the problem is they boosted RankBrain so much I get sometimes one result which matters and get nine that don't and that's if I don't get a temporary links page as opposed to I don't know what to call it at this point.

Search History


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