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How technical do SEOs need to be?

What I find, as I get more technical, the more defensive to development I get.

If I work with a development team that just says what I know you need to, this is what you say you need to do, or the dissolution. If the developer is willing to be collaborative, and not trying to get defensive, it's easier.

But when the developers say, no, this cannot be done, then you have to go and test it somewhere to show that it has to be done.

So this, I think, it just depends on the relationship. An example was about CSS clean-up. The developer gave the client this outrageous quote to clean-up their CSS, and I was like, seriously, you built this? You built it wrong. You created this messy CSS, you should clean it up. So, it's things like that - just do it. The developer gets defensive and then you have to get more technical to justify your point.

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