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What is important when blogging on your own website?

Internal linking for one so that there's a nice journey. If someone comes on to a blog at random, they have a place to go afterwards. Interlink with other blog posts as well.

Blog posts that are historic is missed a lot.

In terms of consistency of tone, some people do opt to have every single post be about how they can buy or invest in your product. It's nice to sort of change that habit so that it's more of one post about wellbeing and how people's lifestyles and then sort of follow that up with a blog post about hey, you can buy this and it will help sell your lifestyle.

So, I think pick an approach, whether it's strictly sales or sales and customer experience and stick to that.

Maintain your tone of voice at all time.

important when blogging

Answered by: Rebekah Dunne


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