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How large are big brand in-house SEO teams?

Yeah, depends on the business. Yes, they have an in house SEO team. That's basically not even on my team. So we have them situated, because it's easier to get those communication when they're embedded in a team.

So, there are some companies that like to build out a larger in house teams. I think with SEO, there are enough great agencies around. It's often good to partner with agencies on some of the initiatives and there's more accountability and there's certainly another voice at the table adding experiences to the table.

No matter how good you are It's good to have other voices at the table or have a sounding board, because some of the ideas, and this is another set of eternal crap. And some of the ideas you don't think work and they do.

As an example Red Bull, they wanted to do some paid search around different Excel profit problems, because they figured Redbull keeps people awake and people are staying up late because their problem was their computers, and we tried it and it was brilliant.

We had no clue it was going to work beforehand but that was an idea. Someone came up with the marketing, we tried it.

Same with SEO. Try things other people have ideas as well. And it works. And now, if you can't get stuff done if you can't execute, it's pretty easy to test SEO on a fairly short period of time just because Google indexes and moves rankings and things with a fairly short period of time.

In-house SEO teams

Answered by: Grant Simmons


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