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How much does the Instagram algorithm impact interaction?

Instagram algorithm is diminishing and is diminishing every single year.

The news feed is becoming more saturated. Billions of people are fighting for attention on your newsfeed and there's only so long that you spend on it.

So, when Instagram first came out, it used to work in chronological order. So basically, if I posted first, when you're next on your phone, you're gonna see my post first because I posted first, but as it become more saturated, what they actually did is involved an algorithm, and what that algorithm now does is it will show you content that you engage with most first.

So what Instagram obviously is doing is it's squeezing reach on that and it's forcing you as not only an influencer but as a brand to be sponsoring your own posts in certain circumstances to reach your own audience.

Let's be honest, Instagram are there to make money and the only way of reaching attention is buying it as Instagram want you to pay for it.

Instagram algorithm

Answered by: Reece Douglas


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