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How does voice search impact local SEO?

It doesn't?

I'm one of the people that think it's kind of silly that we have all these talks about voice search and post about voice search.

It's just a different way to enter your search query.

It's not like it's a different algorithm. And it's not like you optimise in a different way.

Now, the only difference would be, if I'm searching on a Google Home, I might say...

"Hey, where can I go buy toilet paper?"

I'm not going to buy a car off of Google Home or even ask questions about buying a car from Google Home.

But you know, potentially, if I'm looking for...

I'm in Dallas, there's 25 dealers in Dallas and if I was to go to my Google Home and say...

"Hey, Google, where's the nearest Ford dealer?"

It might pull up the newest nearest Ford dealer but that's based on proximity. That's not based on anything really related to SEO so I really don't think there's anything different you need to do considering voice search for local SEO.

Local SEO Voice Search

Answered by: Greg Gifford


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