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Why should SEO marketers study NLP (natural language processing)?

I do specify that NLP because a lot of time SEO's will go oh, Google uses NLP. They don't. They even say so in their own documents, they don't.

They use sub-sets of NLP but true NLP, the holy grail, Microsoft setup like twelve or fourteen years ago a building at Microsoft that you can only enter if you are part of that project and if you had bio-identifiers and it was locked. Nobody else you could not communicate with anyone as to what you were doing. You signed documents. I met a guy at a conference who was part of that and he was searching for NLP.

True NLP is you and I talking and you understand but for machine learning or even AI, that's a very hard thing. Dialects, languages and slang.

That reminds me, I was in Germany at a college and I spoke fluent German at the time. I do not anymore but I did. I went to Germany for three weeks and stayed there with a friend and I was in somewhere in an area of Germany where my friends brothers as they were stationed there.

I was talking and my friends were laughing at me and I was like, talking to this guy and he just looks at me like, he has no idea what I am saying. I keep talking and try different words and I get done and my friend says - you were speaking hock German, hock douche which is high academic what you learn in college.

They speak a dialect even most Germans don't understand, so he was literally had no idea what I was saying.

So, how does a search engine develop so they can understand all of that? If you think of language and humans, all the differentiation's of English. You have American English and British English which are different.

I dated two British guys and sometimes I was...

"What? That's your word, it's different here."

It is a big problem to solve for Google. Eventually they will but it's going to take a lot of machine learning and AI to do.

natural language processing


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