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How do you explain that some content is not fit for purpose?

An example I may have is...

I was doing that blog review, and there was there was two posts:

  • One that was targeted at girls.

  • One that was targeting good boys.

I'll probably recommend to either merge them because we are entering a much more gender fluid society, and audiences will probably prefer a gender fluid post rather than one that targets specific genders.

I think if you want to, I suppose approach with kindness. I guess, maybe recommend experimenting with a different version of the post and see how that performs.

Hopefully, the data will speak for you.

If you build a relationship, on honesty, then at some point, your clients will start to trust your opinion. In my experience, I don't think we should do it this way.

Hopefully, they'll take that on board. Sometimes they won't and they'll make you do it anyway, and then hopefully the data reflects that. Maybe that wasn't the right approach and then you can sort of pivot again.

content is not fit for purpose

Answered by: Rebekah Dunne


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