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Can a one page website get ranked locally?

Yes, you can actually rank locally without a website.

So if we're just looking at Google My Business, it's the bane of everyone's existence. In situations where we do see what a businesses or entities that will rank because they've got a Google My Business listing, but they don't even have a website associated with it.

Now, they'll only show up the map pack, they won't show up in the regular organic listings, obviously. But it's possible.

It is possible to do that with a one page website, but again, it probably likely if that's happening, that it's a more kind of restricted competition vertical.

There's just not a whole lot of options there because it's going to be difficult to outrank multi page websites with a single page website. But if you're talking In a very small portion of competitors, then it's more likely.

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Answered by: Greg Gifford


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