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How many words should you write per page?

Yeah, I really hate this question, I really do.

I was on a panel with SEMrush and we were having this discussion.

I really hate word limits.

I know that a lot of tech SEOs say that if you hit a certain amount of words, you've got a higher chance of ranking, BUT if those words are crap, then you're not going to.

The only times I stray from that is, if I'm targeting people 'also ask' boxes because there is a sort of a sweet spot in terms of word count. Also, if it's a standard blog post, for example, rather than a guide or a white paper, and it's getting really, really long, and it feels like you're doing a disservice to your piece, and that's a little bit hippy.

I get a lot of my gut instinct, and if it feels like it's getting a bit too long, people are gonna get a little bit bored.

If you're getting around loads of different topics, then maybe that's worth breaking it down into smaller posts, that cover different aspects of it, but I don't have a minimum or maximum really. I don't think it matters as long as the contents good.

how many words on a page

Answered by: Rebekah Dunne

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