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Do you need to have a personality on social media that fits in with your job?

I think this goes back to making sure that the way you portray yourself is authentic. I think if you have to sit and and think... 'oh, I don't think that I've got the personality for this', that's probably not the case.

I think that you just need to make sure that you are posting...

  • Things that are relevant to you.

  • You're comfortable doing.

  • You following people that are relevant to you and you think you could engage with as well.

I think otherwise, you can get quite quickly lost.

Also, you're not going to really achieve anything of it because people are building a relationship with someone that's not real. It's facade you're putting out on social media.

I think it's quite difficult, but it's trying to strike that balance of something that is authentically you, but something that you know, you can offer a fresh perspective on, and that's just based on the way that you think or what you've done or the way you want to articulate yourself online.

personality on social media

Answered by: Alex Hickson


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