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Should you first test with PPC before starting an SEO campaign?

I don't think it is either or. I think you don't have to do one in preference of the other. I think you should be doing multi channel and see what works best.

I mean, my role is about trying lots of different things, and failing. Essentially, I've failed way more than I've succeeded. By doing this, we have found which channels work best for us.

I think that you should always be looking at SEO from a cost standpoint.

You know, what do you want to show up for and then you can you can build out conversion funnels specifically for paid.

I also think that a great SEO page is also great for paid search. More often than not now, people won't always agree on that.

In certain businesses, you have to have a great naming page for PPC.

Google has moved to much more of the quality score for vital signs and things like that. A great experience, I will kind of punch as well.

So, I generally recommend that you have some prizes for both. But I think testing every channel is way, way better and not saying things like we've tried it before it didn't work.

Keep iterating and keep testing. Keep going to different channels and seeing how it works. If Myspace was still around, I'll be testing it.

PPC Testing

Answered by: Grant Simmons


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