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If a keyword converts on PPC, will it convert the same organically?

SEO and paid search work very closely together because there are a lot of insights, especially around more click queries.

So you can get high click-through-rates with paid search, because you can actually control the ad more likely than not.

With SEO, you are at the mercy of Google as far as what they're going to show us a snippet.

We like to pretend that we have ultimate control but Google does make the call and some of those things really at site links and things like that within an organic search result and plus the competitive environment.

On paid search. I can be positioned one if I want. Yeah, it cost me more money, but get more learning.

So it looks like in a swan, it'll get it. I can't say I'm gonna move to position one this week and see what happens all I can do is incrementally improve and see how that improves my conversion rates so it gives direction and it can give some focus.

PPC vs SEO Conversions

Answered by: Grant Simmons


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