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Should PR campaigns be a mixture of news stories and data driven pieces?

Yeah, I think definitely the way that the industry is going now, I think the lines are getting really, really blurred.

I think that a really good campaign you have, can drive links to get a really good sort of SEO benefits.

But also...

If you want to create a new story in something that's going to be shared worldwide, you can still do that, but in doing that, you're also improving SEO rankings from all the links that you're getting.

A lot of the times as well, it's not about links from the BBC or CNN. Clients and companies are coming to us and saying...

"We want to make sure that our campaigns are really engaged with on social media."

We're often finding that hidden niche sites or hidden regional sites that's really, really relevant to our client drives more traffic to their website, or it drives more engagement on social media. A lot more than a link in the BBC does that might be glanced over by 100 people.

Then you could have less people really engaged with a story on a regional site and it ends up referring far more traffic.

So, I think blurring the lines between the two is becoming more common and it's probably I think the way that the industry is gonna go in the future.

PR campaigns

Answered by: Alex Hickson


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