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What is the purpose of content marketing?

I like that question. Oh, my goodness, where do I start?

I think for one, building a relationship is probably the most important. I really love when I see websites that have loads and loads of content around things after you've bought something.

For example...

You buy a washing machine, and then you have a post on what to do if it starts to smell or if it breaks. That sort of proves to the audience that you're not just there to take their money, you're there to have a relationship which will then lead them to come back to you and maintain that relationship.

So I think first and foremost...

It's about building relationships, and reinforcing that your a trustworthy brand and why you're the best choice for them.

I think content is a great way to backup. Things like category pages that are very conversion focused. Making sure there's really engaging content on there can also help Google understand what the page is about. If it's just a load of images with links to product pages, adding content on there can really talk to Google as well as the users.

purpose of content marketing

Answered by: Rebekah Dunne


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