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How good is Google at determining the intent of a query?

It depends on the type of query but I do think that informational they have a really difficult time.

I get so much junk. I get nothing. I get, if it's micro moment or transnational I think they have got quite good at it. You will put in for this thing, what time is BST seven, oh! You know it's eleven, right, and it has the answer in the box there for me.

I think on that kind of thing they have got much stronger.

This is just my personal feeling and has nothing to do with what Google would ever have done but...

I really kind of feel Google should have separated regular search from answer engine search.

They could have created a new product and they could have added ads there as well. Doubled their ad value and people would have used it like crazy because they would be on their phone using the answer engine all the time and then when they are home doing research or something like that, they would use the searches.

Query Intent


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