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Can I get ranked in a town I am not located in?

Depending on how much competition there is, you can definitely show up in the organic listing.

So, saying that you had to have the city you had to be located in that city that speaking specifically for showing up in the map pack.

Now. Sometimes you might have somebody that's like, hey, look, I'm in this small town but I want to show up in the bigger town that's right next door.

Okay, cool.

We can do that for you, but just realise you're probably not going to show up in the map pack because there's too much competition in that town. They're just going to beat you because geographically they're listed as being in that town.

That doesn't mean you can't out SEO them and really kick ass in the localised organic section, you're just not going to show up well in the map pack.

Also, there could be situations where...

Underwater basket weaving and then there's five in the London metro area, and you're somebody that's out in the suburbs, you potentially could get into the map pack for that if nobody else is doing SEO, but in most cases, you're not really ever going to be talking to a business that there's only four or five in an entire Metro.

Ranking in multiple locations

Answered by: Greg Gifford

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