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Does the sentiment of reviews matter?

It does, but it's hard to quantify how much that matters however, the sentiment of reviews does matter.

I mean, and clearly, if you have two businesses that are competing and they both have 100 reviews, but this guy has 95 five star reviews and 5 one star reviews, and this guy's got 5 one star reviews and 5 five star reviews, obviously the guy with more is going to rank better because he's got more positive reviews.

But, I think Google are doing sentiment analysis and looking.

There's been a lot of research that shows that if you have particular keywords mentioned in your reviews that you will rank better for those keywords. So, if they're going that far, it's very easy to assume that the sentiment analysis of that particular review outside of the 5 star, 4 star and 3 star rating but what's actually written in the review, it makes sense that that's being taken into account in some fashion.

review sentiment

Answered by: Greg Gifford

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