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Should copywriters write for SEO or the website user?

The copywriter should always write for the user and then you have the SEO team to go through it and make sure it includes the right contextually relevant words in it.

Google only cares about brilliant content which is exactly what their customers want.

If a tree falls in the forest, does anyone hear it?

It's the same thing if a great content piece exists, can anyone find it?

I think that's the way you're positioning content. Writers should write whatever they want and then let me optimise it.

Whether it's as simple as making sure the title tag includes the right queries that people might be searching for, or just tweaking something in the copy. Rather than using a triple loop dilute flip, you add to it, triple flip an innovative skateboard trick.

Now, you are still writing for the user.

Great content is only great if a user finds it and then finds it useful.

And that's how I generally explained to copywriters is...

  • Do you want your content to be found?

  • Do you want your content to be consumed?

Then give me just a little bit of leeway. This is the compromise. I'll let you write what you want, but then just compromise a little bit. Let me add just a couple of things. You can then review afterwards and we can agree and then once it starts driving, additional traffic, then next time you let me take a look a little bit sooner.

SEO Copywriting

Answered by: Grant Simmons


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