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What needs to change in the SEO industry?

I would like to make it easier for more people to attend conferences.

I'm lucky enough that I've become a popular speaker and I get invited to things all over the world, and even just within the US, I get to go to a tonne of conferences and most marketers don't get to go to conferences.

You have to be fairly elevated in your career to be at a point where your company is going to send you to a conference and then maybe you get one conference, because they're all really expensive.

So, I think that's one of the benefits of COVID on the conference front. Yet it sucks that we don't get to travel and I'll get to see each other and such, but a lot of these conferences are now 100 bucks, 150 bucks, 200 bucks.

You're not having to jump on a train or jump on a plane and stay in a hotel and take a few days off of work. You can do the virtual conference.

So, I'd like to see that kind of continue even once conferences go back to in person because I think there's a whole lot of value for people early in their career, to be able to listen to talks like this on a regular basis and really kind of hear what's going on and I think a lot of people lack that.

SEO industry changes

Answered by: Greg Gifford


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